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Doom Triple Pack Doom Triple Pack

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very Good for Flash, but Doom Legacy is Better

Essentially, coding a 4 MB game down to 2.4 MB in Flash is a great achievement. Doom is just one of those legendary games. However, after playing through a bit, someone who knows Doom enough will be able to pick up the bugs and errors.

BUG: Sound Effects are too Fast
It's a very noticable bug, and although it makes the chaingun almost sound better than it once did, it's annoying everywhere else.

BUG: Controls are Clunky
Unlike in the original Doom, the controls aren't as responsive. They work well eoungh, but it feels like you're dragging something behind you, and your movement just isn't quite as effective as it should be. They remind me of the PlayStation version.

BUG: Automap
I once pressed Tab to access the Automap, as you do. However, Tab is also the magical highlight buttons in Flash key, and I couldn't exit the automap unless I saved my game and re-loaded it. Then I couldn't access the automap again. Please change the key.

FEATURE MISSING: Switch in Level 1
In the first room in the first level, there's a switch on one of the pillars before the stairs leading up to the green armour. This switch opens up a wall to the radioactive lake where the blue armour is. Although it's not greatly missed, it still should be there. I see you already know of this.

POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT: Ditch 8 Bit / 256 Colours for High Bit Depths
Yeah, yeah, we all know that Doom used to run in 8 Bit, but those days are long gone. Doom Legacy, which is the best framework for Doom out there, as far as I know, allows you to display the game in up to 32 bit (not sure 'bout 64). I can certainly see the difference, especially in dark rooms, where 8 bit is almost shocking in comparison.

These are the bugs and things I noticed that you might not have in my playthrough of the first two levels. You nailed the enemy AI fantastically as well! A great achievement too! But, to be perfectly honest, you're competing against the likes of Doom Legacy in terms of the ultimate Doom experience. Go on, check it out. It has so many awesome features. For instantanious browser play for those who don't have a copy of the Shareware or full versions of Doom, this is a pretty solid effort. Well done for reviving a true classic of a game, that's still not exactly 3D!

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MAX Tutorial 1 (buttons) MAX Tutorial 1 (buttons)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You missed a few points

Hey there! That wasn't a bad tutorial, but it wasn't fantasic either. I myself have made one on Light Effects. Feel free to watch it. But unfortunatly, your tutorial doesn't cover all the steps. For example, how would a flash "noob" know how to convert the circle into a symbol and button? You just got the menu like magic. Yes, you can do this with ease, but sometimes you need to talk to the flasher as if they had just installed Flash. Otherwise they'll get confused and unhappy.
The next thing you need to do is include real screenshots. Just a drawn version of what it looks like isn't really the best. Sometimes the flasher will find the window or section they're supposed to be on, but compare it to your version and close it to keep searching for the real one, when that one was it.
Also, in your movie, could you put some music that isn't very large in filesize? Tutorials don't really need music, but some people do demand it.
For conveniancy, why don't you play the music so that after the viewer has clicked it, the music starts playing rather than if you just hold the button down? Sometimes the viewer would have the music playing and accidently click the button, but not release the mouse. It would be nice for those people to move the mouse off the button without having the music overlap and press the music stop button.
Also, how about teaching us how to stop music is it's playing? I think it would be easy to put in some action script like on(release) stopallsounds;() equiped to the button would do it, but I'm not sure myself.
Like I said, not bad, but needs some work to achieve full potential.

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Greenkupo responds:

thank you im gonna prove with another screenshoots and explain more in my second

Mouse Adventures 2 Mouse Adventures 2

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It's nice, but it sucks that that if you click you go back to Level 1. I know you're trying to stop the right-click cheat, but many people will accidently click and be sent back to square one unfairly. Please resolve this problem before submitting a game like this again.

SYTYK Mario Party? SYTYK Mario Party?

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


But it's a little short, and easy. I play Mario Party quite a bit, so that's probably why I thought it was easy, but I would like it to be longer, and a checkpoint to be on every 5-8 questions.
Nice music. I love the Super Mario Land music so this remix (out of plenty) fits nicely.

Jozzalanco responds:

Woohoo! A mario party player that plays alot!

Yes I play it every day. I made the Questions easier because of people who don't know it as well as us.

Stay tuned for SYTYK Mario Party? Extended Version!

I will make a checkpoint for every five questions instead.

Thanks for your review! =]

Wiggi Rescue Wiggi Rescue

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice Improvment!

Hey Skeik! I reviewed your first try of a Flash Icy Tower and I must say! You've done a good improvment!
Anyway, this feels much smoother than your first attempt. I can't complain about your graphics. But when you jump, it feels a little restricted on where you can jump. You don't have the freeness as you do when playing FLD's Icy Tower, you know? Still, good job. Another down is that you can't jump that high even with your "cartwheel" jump.
Other than that, You've done quite will. I will surely recommend this game to the people on the FLD forum. Wanna link? Here.

*Petals Around the Rose* *Petals Around the Rose*

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


It's a nice game, but not exactly of Newgrounds quality. It's a good puzzle, but no something users will come back to. Try to make a longer and more interesting puzzle.

NemmyGames responds:

We know that the game is essentially dead after somebody figures it out. It's actually designed around the idea. But at the same time, some people will take days or weeks. I know they will, I've seen it happen many times.
It's also the kind of game that people like to show to their friends. It's the same idea that has.

All in all, we fully know that there is little to no replayability in the game. It's just the nature of it.

christmas Painter christmas Painter

Rated 1 / 5 stars

And a Merry Christmas to you too

The game isn't very interesting. Making your own trees makes them look pathetic. You could do a bit more, a varible of ornimetns would be nice. Good idea about changing the background colour to whatever your heart desires. When you choose to delete the entire canvas though, if you click once and the Are You Sure? message and Definate? message comes up, you can't get rid of them. So another accidental click and your work of art is down the toilet. Overall, not too interesting.

ArtBIT responds:

Well, I keep writing this in almost all my responds... > this is not a game, it's an interactive flash, a toy... < and so on and so on... so it could get a higher score in interactivity imo ;)
Good suggestion about the ClearAll button, I corrected that, and I've added the preview color for BGColorChange...

Merry Christmas dude :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Quite fun, needs a bit of improvment

Addicting. But one thing I don't like. How your mouse not only shoots but moves you as well. I would be shooting a ghost and I would move into it, thus lowering my health. Another thing that needs improvment is that when you get deep into the game, 25,000 points of so, some of the easy light grey ghosts are invincible. I shoot them but they don't die. They run into me and then die. Lowering my health by about 10.
I thank you for putting health stars and allowing to exceed 100 HP. usful it is. More powerups would make it more fun. Blue Star, rarer and heals 20 HP is one. Mega Snowball, kills an enemy instantly. They're a few ideas.
I'm am currently first in the highscore list. Too bad YoungLuke A.K.A Luke Bitches. :P
Fun game. Good luck on getting the front page! :D

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

hehe sorry u were playing as i was updating and caught the bad swf entry, when i changed the ghosts a problem happened making some not die by snowballs if there getting hit by ur tank at the same time, but i fixed it and submited it like 10sec later, u must have started when i did this lol very bad timing. your next time playing should be bug free...i hope :) lol the trick to the mouse is aiming but still being on the tank if u wanna stay in place. having the mouse away from the tank will not making longer shots.
as for the pop ups, i was thinking about adding more stuff but i had a deadline for the contest and little time as it is cuz of my final exams. so i submited it now and will just add to this swf. (im not the type to make 5 entrys of minor add-ons) so ill leave all the updates on this one.

thanks for the review :)
glad you had fun

Nose &amp;quot;Tutorial&amp;quot; Nose "Tutorial"

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Don't call it a tutorial if it's not

It's a "Dress-Up" game. And a very poor one. But who's gonna tell you. Seriously, put some effort in. Not just some crap that has no purpose and no point. The only thing decent is the graphics, but there's no animation so graphics rating goes down. Don't try a game or something like this again.

Run to the Portal 2! Run to the Portal 2!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Addiquate, but has a bit to be desired

I liked the game but the controls were a bit dodgey. You move too slow which makes it difficult to get out of the way of 0s and in the way of 4s and 5s. Losen up the controls a little. In frontpage mode, the controls are really buggered. I mean, sometimes you hit a 5 and it makes you fall backward. Work out the ActionScript. I think you should either, 1 Move freely or 2 Your flash it, say, if you had a score of 2.50 you would be halfway up. The numbers don't have flowing animation, which hurts the eyes, and some of the 5s and 0s move WAY too quickly. You should add in a background (I dunno, rankings list?) and some markers. It's a nice game and has potential and a bit of work.

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