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Super Mario Brothers ep 2 Super Mario Brothers ep 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Quality is there, but not Consistently

I remember watching your first episode of your series a while ago, and liked it. Now I feel inclined to review.

For a project this size, I'm surprised that you didn't really put much effort into the preloader to give the viewer something nice to look at while they're waiting for this to load. Draw up something nice and related to your movie rather than throwing in a static image and changing the person driving the tank in the Newgrounds box. This is a small ask, but it's generally expected.

Throwing in that montage on what happened last episode was rather pointless and really did more stalling getting to the feature than reminding. Link the previous episode in the title screen or preloader and you won't have to do this. It's not like the last episode was a huge as Super Mario Bros. Z Episode 6 was, so that's why Alwin got away with the intro in ep. 7, though even then it wasn't cinematic and it was skippable.

The size is pretty darn huge. Did you compress and cut your audio? If you haven't, when you're animating, after you've reached a point where you'd like that audio track to stop, cut it in Audacity and re-import it. This does a good job on cutting down the size taken up by unused audio. If a track loops, save it as a .WAV and THEN have Flash compress it to make it loop seemlessly. Also, make sure that you compress all of your audio. Set the global setting (found in the Publish Settings under Audio Stream / Event) to MP3, Convert Stereo to Mono and 32kb/s. There's very little or no quality loss and you still have a lean file size. For stereo music files, manually set them to 64kb/s without Convert Stereo to Mono on. If you think no one will mind listening to mono (it depends on the music of choice), leaving the global setting could help further. When testing, set the quality to Fast, and for the final product, set the quality to Best.

Now to the actual movie. One thing that you should really think about doing all the time is drawing everything with Flash's drawing tools. This is because it draws vector graphics, which are graphics that can be freely resized without getting pixelly. Images and bitmaps use raster graphics, that is, they're made up of pixels, and zooming in on them reveals their true nature. Use Flash's vector graphics as often as possible, as the quality isvery high and, in most cases, the end result is smaller in file size.

You need to work on the look of the characters. As a whole, they're accurate re-creations, but their colour is a little static. Keep shading areas according to the light that would fall on them for an extra graphical kick. Keep the detail high. Also, try to make sure that all characters that are shown are being animated to prevent on them looking static.

Sometimes the sound effects are repeated too much, like walking and such. But as a whole, it's all pretty nice. Oh, and that Mario voice generator sucks because of the unnatural sound of Mario's voice and the fact that Mario wouldn't even say stuff like "You go to hell," or "You suck!". The music, as a whole, was uncompelling too.

I've read and seen that most people were taken aback by Mario having a knife and using it in its full violence. The reason why people don't like this is because it's not true to the games, and, really, you do have to be true to the game. Also, The People's Mario gets away with it because the violence is in greater context in their movie. Stay true to the series.

The second scene was underwhelming for the fact that it didn't really mean much. Why did Luigi go? Why is Bowser attacking the place? These questions are nigh-on meaningless for a story that's not very compelling.

With all that being said, at times, the quality of animation and drawing is supurb and at a very high quality, but the lapses in that quality bring this down. If the attention to detail was kept consistent throughout, this would be something really special. The audio need improvement but the SFX were chosen well at times. The story's a little dry though. Up the quality and fix these and it'll be something great!

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Jeffrey Davis' Resume Jeffrey Davis' Resume

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

What an unexpected delight!

Well, first off, I'm only here 'cause you scored daily tenth, so congrats to you. But the only reason I found your movie is 'cause I was interested to see what score ws required for a daily tenth nowadays, so my view was more luck than anything else.
Well done on the description, because really, otherwise I'd just left the page. I really liked the creativity you put into it, and was held throughout the entire movie. Your humour is certainly in the right place at the right time. I like the monochromic style you chose for this Flash as well. One noticable weakness is your microphone. I could hear it crackling from time to time, which means you were probably too close. Use a program like Audacity to record, preview and edit your voice clips. The absense of the mug-hitting-character sound effect was missed, 'cause we all love a bit of slapstick comedy.
All in all, a solid showing. Might I suggest next time you add in some background music. Don't worry, Flash will be able to compress it so that it doesn't hurt your small and appreciated file size.
Great work!

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boinky33 responds:

Thanks for the great review. Also, I actually use Audacity.

Twilight Princess Review Twilight Princess Review

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Misleading, not an Actual Review, but Entertaining

First off, congratulations on your Daily 9th. It's the only reason I know of this. But now for my actual review, and I'll actually review your Flash.

As a review, it fails. I personally was expecting a review. Sure I do have the game myself, but one day I play to review it myself, of good quality mind you, so I'm interested in other people's reviews. If I was actually considering the game, and watched this review, I wouldn't have any, or much more, idea about it. Since the title makes the viewer think they'll actually get an actual review, they're disappointed to see it isn't actually a proper review, as I was. By review standards, it's terrible.

However, this was a great deal more intended on making people laugh. And I do admit laughing. You threw in some short jokes that had enough punch for the user to notice them. Of course, many of these were common observations and could be done by anyone, especially me. Most of these are aided by simple visuals to try and add to the humour, which works all in all.

But there's a few essential things you need to improve on. First up, the icon. That icon doesn't describe anything about the movie, which is its purpose. It's just your logo that's been really poorly resized. Next up, you need to improve on the overall visuals. Most are very basic or Google images. Not the way to go.

Thank you for using your voice to... er... present the movie. Otherwise, it would've been quite terrible. Soundwise, you could include some of the music that featured in the game, Google will make sure you find it, and if you're having trouble, search the game name as well as OST, which will bring up the game's soundtrack.

Overall, I was left very disappointed for the lack of review. The funny parts made it watchable, but I wouldn't watch it again. To be honest, it's quite terrible, because most of the jokes were making fun of Nintendo or the series rather than the actual game. Other movies have done that over and over, not that I've watched them all but I've watch a couple. Its structure is not good either. The whole thing needs a revamp. But hey, keep at it. If you can get a Daily 9th for this, think of what you'll get if you make it at a great standard!

Oh, and as a footnote, I'm a Mario fanatic. Fate is the reason Twilight Princess ended up in my Wii games collection.

WILIZIN responds:

Thanks for the long review, I will keep these pointers in mind for the next flash I do.

Recent Game Reviews

Doom Triple Pack Doom Triple Pack

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very Good for Flash, but Doom Legacy is Better

Essentially, coding a 4 MB game down to 2.4 MB in Flash is a great achievement. Doom is just one of those legendary games. However, after playing through a bit, someone who knows Doom enough will be able to pick up the bugs and errors.

BUG: Sound Effects are too Fast
It's a very noticable bug, and although it makes the chaingun almost sound better than it once did, it's annoying everywhere else.

BUG: Controls are Clunky
Unlike in the original Doom, the controls aren't as responsive. They work well eoungh, but it feels like you're dragging something behind you, and your movement just isn't quite as effective as it should be. They remind me of the PlayStation version.

BUG: Automap
I once pressed Tab to access the Automap, as you do. However, Tab is also the magical highlight buttons in Flash key, and I couldn't exit the automap unless I saved my game and re-loaded it. Then I couldn't access the automap again. Please change the key.

FEATURE MISSING: Switch in Level 1
In the first room in the first level, there's a switch on one of the pillars before the stairs leading up to the green armour. This switch opens up a wall to the radioactive lake where the blue armour is. Although it's not greatly missed, it still should be there. I see you already know of this.

POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT: Ditch 8 Bit / 256 Colours for High Bit Depths
Yeah, yeah, we all know that Doom used to run in 8 Bit, but those days are long gone. Doom Legacy, which is the best framework for Doom out there, as far as I know, allows you to display the game in up to 32 bit (not sure 'bout 64). I can certainly see the difference, especially in dark rooms, where 8 bit is almost shocking in comparison.

These are the bugs and things I noticed that you might not have in my playthrough of the first two levels. You nailed the enemy AI fantastically as well! A great achievement too! But, to be perfectly honest, you're competing against the likes of Doom Legacy in terms of the ultimate Doom experience. Go on, check it out. It has so many awesome features. For instantanious browser play for those who don't have a copy of the Shareware or full versions of Doom, this is a pretty solid effort. Well done for reviving a true classic of a game, that's still not exactly 3D!

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MAX Tutorial 1 (buttons) MAX Tutorial 1 (buttons)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You missed a few points

Hey there! That wasn't a bad tutorial, but it wasn't fantasic either. I myself have made one on Light Effects. Feel free to watch it. But unfortunatly, your tutorial doesn't cover all the steps. For example, how would a flash "noob" know how to convert the circle into a symbol and button? You just got the menu like magic. Yes, you can do this with ease, but sometimes you need to talk to the flasher as if they had just installed Flash. Otherwise they'll get confused and unhappy.
The next thing you need to do is include real screenshots. Just a drawn version of what it looks like isn't really the best. Sometimes the flasher will find the window or section they're supposed to be on, but compare it to your version and close it to keep searching for the real one, when that one was it.
Also, in your movie, could you put some music that isn't very large in filesize? Tutorials don't really need music, but some people do demand it.
For conveniancy, why don't you play the music so that after the viewer has clicked it, the music starts playing rather than if you just hold the button down? Sometimes the viewer would have the music playing and accidently click the button, but not release the mouse. It would be nice for those people to move the mouse off the button without having the music overlap and press the music stop button.
Also, how about teaching us how to stop music is it's playing? I think it would be easy to put in some action script like on(release) stopallsounds;() equiped to the button would do it, but I'm not sure myself.
Like I said, not bad, but needs some work to achieve full potential.

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Greenkupo responds:

thank you im gonna prove with another screenshoots and explain more in my second

Mouse Adventures 2 Mouse Adventures 2

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It's nice, but it sucks that that if you click you go back to Level 1. I know you're trying to stop the right-click cheat, but many people will accidently click and be sent back to square one unfairly. Please resolve this problem before submitting a game like this again.